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Jimmy Shergill Movies List | Jimmy Shergill Upcoming Movies List

Most of the movies which are listed in Jimmy Shergill upcoming movies are small budget movies. In most of them he is also not playing the lead roles. Although being so talented person he still doesn’t get the limelight at all. His last superhit movie Tanu Weds Manu Returns shocked the theater with its ratings. But it was Kangana Ranaut who was given all the credits for Tanu weds Manu returns. Jimmy is an outsider in Bollywood movies. But unlike most of the newcomers in his first two movies Jimmy got the chance to work with famous personality like Gulzar and Aditya Chopra. He was good in his first couple of movies and everyone thought that Jimmy will be one of the biggest stars in Bollywood.

Check out Jimmy Shergill Movies List:

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Jimmy Shergill Upcoming Movies List

1.)Movie : Dil Sala Sanki

Director : Shushikailash

Produced by : Shushikailash

Star Cast – Shakti Kapoor, Avtar Gill, Jimmy Shergill, Madalasa Sharma

Genre : Drama

Release Date : 26 Sep 2016

Synopsis : Badal was only eight years old and he falls in love with violence. Badal grows up to chose Bachcha Babu, the local mafia leader as his role model.However, Badal soon falls in love with the female lead, Megha. The film revolves around Bacha Babu`s search for Badal and Megha and how Badal rebels against his role model for his love


2.)Movie : Khaffa

Director : Devang Dholkia

Produced by : Hema Handa

Star Cast – Jimmy Shergill, Kim Sharma, Rahul Handa

Genre : Drama

Releasing Date : Feb. 2019

Synopsis : ‘KHAFFA’ talks about three important aspects of life love, lust and doom, and four people make this story. Jimmy Shergill plays a role of a Cop (Jai) who thinks he knows it all and has done it, until he meets Tanya. Kim Sharma plays a strong independent woman (Tanya) who knows what she wants and how to get it. Debutant Rahul Handa plays a confident man (Anirudh), who enjoys the fruits of life and the lust of the opposite sex. Hrishita Bhatt plays the lovable victim (Priya) that’s been misunderstood by everyone, is she the victim or trapped because of her love for Anirudh.


3.) Movie : Dum Dum Diga Diga

Director : Bobby Khan

Producer :

Starring : Jimmy Shergill, Mayuri Kango, Puneet Issar, Mohnish Behl

Genre – Comedy

Releasing Date : Jun 2019

Synopsis : What the movie has in store for you, wait and watch this space for more updates.


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