This way you can avoid Corona virus infection while taking a flight

New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. Air Travel Precautions: Corona virus cases continue to increase, but despite this the lockdown has been relaxed and flights have also been started with the train. Flights were resumed across the country from May 25, so that people stranded in other cities could return to their respective homes. It is important for everyone to return home, but at the same time some precautions are also necessary while traveling.


Body distance is very important


There is no doubt that the corona virus has changed our lives. With this, there will be many changes in our way of living and travel. You have to maintain physical distance even while taking the flight so that you can avoid the Kovid-19 infection. Inside the flight, everyone is allowed to sit except one seat, while air hostesses and attendants are also required to wear PPE masks and suits. Food will not be available on the flight and it is mandatory to have sanitizers together.

How safe is it to travel at this time? 

The danger of corona virus epidemic is hovering all over the world. Because of which all travel plans have been canceled. From vacation to business trips, traveling at the moment can prove to be a big risk. At this time only those people who are stranded in other cities due to sudden lockdown are allowed to travel. Because a plane is closed from everywhere, traveling in it is more dangerous. 

Can corona virus spread in flight too?

Flying during the corona virus can be truly dangerous. We know that Kovid-19 is a respiratory infection, which can spread through coughing or sneezing of an infected person. Also, this corona virus lives on hard surfaces for several days, which makes it even more dangerous.

Flight can be a breeding house for germs

Flight is especially a place where droplets of infected person can accumulate on any surface. Corona infection can occur on all these surfaces, from food to lavatories, headrests and tables. The most frightening thing was revealed in a recent research which found that the pocket on the back of the seat is filled with germs. 

What precautions should be taken?

Traveling at this time can prove to be very dangerous, but if you are helpless, then some precautions are necessary. 

– Sanitize your stuff and clean it, it is such a thing on which the virus can live comfortably.

– Use of sanitizer is very important. All airlines clean the plane well, but still keep sanitizers with you. Before sitting on your seat, sanitize it yourself too. 

– Avoid touching doors, knobs, trays and tables.

– People traveling in the plight have been advised not to use bathrooms and washrooms. 

– Do not touch your face and hands. Those who are coughing, keep them away from yourself.

– Do not remove your mask under any circumstances.

– If you have the option then choose only the window seat. Research has found that travelers who sit near the window are less likely to be infected with the virus.

– It is very important to maintain physical distance. 

– Wash hands well after landing. 

Who should not travel? 

Pregnant women, young children, the elderly and people who are already sick should avoid traveling.  

– If you are ill and have symptoms of corona virus or you live in the contention zone, then traveling in such a situation can prove to be dangerous.

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